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The Department of Economics and Management (DISEI) was established in 2013 as the natural successor to the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, which was established in 1935 and was based in Villa Favard until 2004.

DISEI is currently staffed by more than 100 Professors and Researchers, supported in various activities by technical-administrative staff and research personnel such as doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, research fellows, and contract workers.

The main object of DISEI’s research covers theoretical and empirical areas related to all fields of economics and business, including contributions from the agricultural, mathematical, geographical, legal, and historical sciences.  DISEI is a reference point for 13 academic disciplines (SSD) in Area 13, representing most of the Department. Other disciplinary areas, such as Area 7 (Agriculture and Veterinary), Area 11 (History, Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology,) and Area 12 (Law), are also represented.

Multidisciplinarity features prominently in the teaching methods.  DISEI is the department of affiliation for three bachelor’s degrees (Business Administration, Economics and Commerce and Sustainable Development, Cooperation and Conflict Management) and five master’s degrees.  Two master’s degrees are in English with double degrees (Economics and Development and Finance and Risk Management) and three in Italian (Accounting, Auditing and Control, Corporate Governance and Business Administration, and Economic Sciences). All programs attract many international students, as they take full advantage of the Erasmus exchange opportunity and use innovative teaching modes with direct student involvement in lectures and workshops.

As an associate department, DISEI also contributes to the following programs: Political Science, Statistics, Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems, International Relations and European Studies, Public and Political Communication Strategies, Politics, Institutions and Markets, Statistics and Data Science, Design and Management of Social Interventions, and Sociology and Global Challenges.

Also significant are the joint teaching experiments in the Florentine area with foreign universities, such as the European University Institute, Kent State University, New York University, and Syracuse University. In addition, there is strong participation in professionalizing schools such as Polimoda and the School of Business Science and Industrial Technology.

At the level of continuing and specialized education, DISEI is home to several first- and second-level Professional Master Courses. In addition, the Department contributes to three doctoral programs: it is the administrative headquarters for DELoS (Doctoral Program in Development Economics and Local Systems), and it is the point of reference for the PEGASO Doctoral Program in Economics of the Tuscan Universities and Doctoral Program in Business Economics and Management.

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