Ph.D. Programs

DISEI is involved in a number of doctoral programs covering the many and varied disciplinary fields in the Department. The disciplines are mutually integrated with research methods that use traditional but profoundly innovative tools.

They aim to develop critical capacity and aptitude for scientific research in doctoral students by devoting special attention to the balance between theory and practice. The goal, therefore, is to train researchers and high-level professional figures capable of entering the world of universities and research centers, as well as national or supranational companies and public organizations.

The Department of Economics and Management is the administrative headquarters of the Doctoral Program DELoS Doctoral Program in Development Economics and Local Systems, which belongs to the Doctoral School, established at the University of Florence, called “Doctoral School of Social Sciences,” promoted by the Departments of Legal Sciences, Economics and Management, and Political and Social Sciences.

DISEI also participates in the Doctoral Program in Business Economics and Management with administrative headquarters at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa and the Doctoral Program in Economics of the Tuscan universities with administrative headquarters at the Department of Political Economy and Statistics of the University of Siena

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