Erasmus+ International credit mobility - KA107

Action KA107 enables the implementation of mobility projects to and from countries outside Europe. This action aims to attract students and faculty to European universities, supporting them in competing with the global higher education market while simultaneously expanding the range of possible destinations for students and faculty from Europe with an opening to countries in the rest of the world.


  • Promoting excellence in higher education
  • Strengthen soft skills for entering the labor market (initiative, digital skills, and language skills)
  • Using the potential of new technologies
  • Fostering social inclusion
  • Raising the quality of teaching and professional skills

DISEI is participating in the program Erasmus+ KA 107 International Credit Mobility  with the following projects:

2020 - 2023

Federazione Russa – Moscow State Insitute of International Relations University

Palestina – Al Quds University


2018 - 2020 

Colombia - Universidad de Caldas

Palestina – Al Quds University


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