Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides organizational direction on behalf of the Programme Committee and makes proposals for decisions to be made by the Programme Committee. Specifically, it is in charge of:

  • deciding equivalence of non-Italian degrees for admission to the doctoral programme;
  • appointing a tutor to each student at the beginning of the 1st year;
  • authorising students to teach or carry out extra-curricular research activities;
  • authorizing students to work, providing this activity is compatible with the doctoral programme activities;

any other activity the Programme Committee is not in charge of.

Executive Committee members:

Gabriella Berloffa, Università di Trento

Francesco Capone, Università di Firenze

Gianna Giannelli, Università di Firenze

Luciana Lazzeretti, Università di Firenze

Donato Romano, Università di Firenze

Ermanno Tortia, Università di Trento

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