I seminari si tengono in Aula Bracco, Edificio D6, Sede di Novoli alle 13.30

Seminari di Dipartimento

Data Relatore                                             Titolo
13/06/2023 Lory Barile (University of Warwick)
Does priming close the gender competition gap?
13/06/2023 (ore 15.00) Antonia Krasimirova Kirilova (Cunef, Spagna) Option Market Makers
20/06/2023 Federico Bertacchini (UniPM)
Disclosure quality of Sustainable Development Goals: A value relevance approach in the European context
20/06/2023 (ore 15.00) Carla Barbieri (North Carolina State University)
Creativity Behind Agri-food tourism: Research in the works

Seminari Passati

Data Relatore Titolo
06/06/2023 Antonio Villanacci (Unifi) Opportunity-Based Other Regarding Preferences in General Equilibrium
30/05/2023 Gianluca Gabrielli (UniPM) What’s in a rating? Exploring the impact of the “Italian” legality rating on financial disclosure quality


(ore 15.00)

Ralh Hall (Virginia Tech Institute, USA)
An Inclusive Capitalism Approach to Advancing Sustainable Production and Consumption Systems
01/06/2023 (ore 12.00) Gabriel Burdin (University of Leeds) Property Rights and Effort Supply
23/05/2023 Chiara Rapallini (Unifi) Measuring the attitude towards a European public budget: A cross-country experiment
16/05/2023 Michele Gori (Unifi) A solution for abstract decision problems based on maximum flow
09/05/2023 Giuliano Curatola (Unisi) Optimistic and Pessimistic Disagreement and the Cross Section of Stock Returns
02/05/2023 Florian Kiesel (Unibz) Acquired Downgrades?
18/04/2023 Domenico Menicucci (Unifi) Auctioning vehicle registration permits
04/04/2023 Elena Paglialunga (UniUrbino) Forecasting the climate-conflict nexus in Africa under SSPs scenarios
30/03/2023 (D15/005 14.15-15) Cyril Benzet (ENSIIE)

Hedging Valuation Adjustment and Model Risk

30/03/2023 (D15/005, orario 15.15-16) Cyril Benzet (ENSIIE) Weak hedging problems: an optimal transport approach
28/03/2023 (ore 13.30) Pietro Fera e Giorgio Ricciardi (Università Napoli Vanvitelli)
Earnings Quality among Private Firms: Handle with Care
28/03/2023 (ore 15.00) John Hey Learning under Ambiguity when Information Acquisition is Costly: an Experiment
21/03/2023 Kibrom A. Abay (IFRI Cairo)
Estimating Multidimensional Development Resilience
14/03/2023 Remco Zwinkels (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Risk, Return, and Sentiment in a Virtual Asset Market
07/03/2023 Giorgio Ricchiuti (Unifi) Behind International Trade Network: The Role of
Heterogeneity and Financial Frictions
28/02/2023 Gianluca Iannucci (Unifi) The interaction between emission tax and insurance in an evolutionary oligopoly
21/02/2023 Antonio Magliulo (Unifi) A ‘Common European Home’:
The historical significance of a failed attempt
14/02/2023 Annarita Colasante (UniRoma Sapienza)
The role of dividends in the emergence of bubbles in financial markets: a learning to forecast experiment.
31/01/2023 Matilde Giaccherini (UniRoma Tor Vergata) Vax Populi: Social Costs of Online Vaccine Skepticism
07/02/2023 Martina Mori (Unifi) Job satisfaction: the role of leadership and HR practices. An organisational behaviour perspective
24/01/2023 Valerio Cerretano (Unifi) Central banks, credit policy and development. The involvement of the Bank of England with industry after 1945.
17/01/2023 Francesco Ammannati (Unifi) Economic inequality and social mobility in Tuscany between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age


Lucia Ferrone (Unifi)
Policies and instruments for saline agriculture: a complex landscape

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