Tutors and Supervisors


After the admission Doctoral students are assigned a tutor, who is appointed by the Executive Committee among the Programme Committee members. The tutor is in charge of coaching students over the first year, specifically:

  • supervising students coursework activities over the first year;
  • helping students in choosing the supervisor before the end of the first year.


Before the end of the first year, the Programme Committee appoints a supervisor to each student. The supervisor is responsible for supervising all student’s research activities, specifically:

  • guiding the student the choice of his/her research topic
  • supervising the preparation of the research proposal by the student;
  • cooperating with the student in identifying the institution where to spend the research period abroad or in Italy during the 2nd year;
  • supervising the student’s research activities during the 2nd and 3rd year;
  • evaluating student’s activities over the 2nd year and proposing his/her admission to the 3rd year;
  • evaluating student’s activities over the 3rd year and proposing his/her admission to the final exam;
  • ensuring the quality of student’s dissertation.

Tutor and supervisor are both responsible to ensure the student’s respect of the regulations and rules of conduct since they are considered fundamental for the value of the School and for scientific and professional integrity of the doctoral student.

Whenever appropriate, the Programme Committee can appoint a co-supervisor, chosen inside or outside the Programme Committee members.

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