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DISEI Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Economia e l'Impresa


The contents of the workshop relate, but are not limited, to key themes on cluster research, such as:


  • Multinationals, clusters and global value chain

  • Technological change and innovation networks
  • Clusters and networks in cultural and creative industries
  • Clusters in developing and emerging countries
  • Cluster life cycle and evolutionary trajectories of local systems
  • Relatedness, un/related variety and industrial structure
  • Entrepreneurship in clusters and local systems
  • Crisis and resilience of clusters and local systems
  • Research methods on clusters, industrial districts and local systems
  • Rethinking clusters and industrial districts. Exploring critical issues
  • Industrial policy, clusters/platforms policy


Special Sessions:

  • "International business and clusters in Brazil/Latin America countries" coordinated by Dinorà Eliete Floriani from Univali University (Brazil) and Amal Mohamed from University of Blumenau (Brazil).
  • "Clusters and Sustainable Human Development at the Local Level: Theoretical Perspective and Policy Implications" coordinated by Mario Biggieri, University of Florence. 


Both theoretical and empirical (qualitative / quantitative) contributions are welcome, from a wide spectrum of different disciplines at micro, meso and macro level.





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