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DISEI Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Economia e l'Impresa

Plenary Sessions

Vilfredo Pareto Lecture 


Ingela Alger (Toulouse School of Economics)

Ingela Alger is research director at CNRS and Director of the Biology program of IAST. Her research focuses on the long run formation of human preferences (motivation), when these are transmitted from generation to generation, and are subject to evolution by way of natural selection. She is particularly interested in preferences that might explain moral and altruistic behaviors, as well as behaviors within the family.


Murat Sertel Lecture


Mark Armstrong (University of Oxford) 

Mark Armstrong is Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford. He mainly works on topics concerned with the operation of markets. This includes research on how firms choose their prices, including issues to do with offering discounts when consumers buy multiple units or products, or when consumers care about how many other customers also choose to buy from the firm, and how consumers search for products and prices. Particular markets studied include telecommunication and media, scientific publishing, markets for "market information", and markets where some consumers can be "pressured" into buying.


Round Table on European Economic Policies 


Marco Buti (European Commission)

Marco Buti has been Director-General for Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission since December 2008. His research activity has focused on Economic and Monetary Union, macroeconomic policies, welfare state reforms, and European unemployment.



Ramon Marimon (European University Institute)

Ramon Marimon is Professor of Economics and Pierre Werner Chair at the European University Institute. His research interests include Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory, Contract Theory, Learning Theory and Labor Theory, with a special emphasis on European economic issues. 




Philippe Martin (Science Po Paris)

Philippe Martin is Professor of Economics at Sciences Po in Paris, and he served as economic adviser for Emmanuel Macron at the French Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs. His research focuses on International macroeconomics, financial crisis, International trade, Economic geography, industry location.



Isabel Schnabel (University of Bonn)

Isabel Schnabel is Professor of Financial Economics at the University of Bonn. Her research interests are about banking stability and regulation, financial crises, financial integration, capital flows, financial law and economics.






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