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Working Papers - Economics

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Collocazione editoriale dei WP in Economics del DiSEI




WP20/2019 Rossella BARDAZZI, Maria Grazia PAZIENZA
When I was your age...Population Dynamics and Household Energy Consumption


WP19/2019 Lisa GRAZZINI, Alessandro PETRETTO
Heterogeneous Capital Tax Competition in a Federation with Tax Evasion


WP18/2019 Nicola DONI, Domenico MENICUCCI
On the optimal entry fee and reserve price for auctions with selective entry: A comment on Gentry, Li, Lu (2017)

WP17/2019 Paolo BERTOLETTI, Federico ETRO
Monopolistic Competition with GAS Preferences


WP16/2019 Federico INNOCENTI, Domenico MENICUCCI
On individual incentives to bundle in oligopoly


WP15/2019 Federico ETRO
Mergers of Complements and  Entry in Innovative Industries


WP14/2019 Lucia GORJON, Sara DE LA RICA, Antonio VILLAR
The social cost of unemployment in Spain:who are the losers?


WP13/2019 Diletta LENZI, Andrea ZORZI
The Human-Centred Business Model and Hybrid Business Forms: A Primer and a Roadmap


WP12/2019 Michele Gori
Manipulation of social choice functions under incomplete information


WP11/2019 Alessandro Cigno, Alessandro Gioffré, Annalisa Luporini
On the evolution of individual preferences and family rules


WP10/2019 Stefania Camoletto and Marco Bellandi
A communitarian definition of shared value rooted in local development studies and in the Olivettian experience


WP09/2019 Federico Etro
Monopolistic competition for the market with heterogeneous firms and Schumpeterian growth


WP08/2019 Federico Etro
The Romer Model with Monopolistic Competition and General Technology


WP07/2019 Kaku Attah Damoah, Giorgia Giovannetti, Enrico Marvasi
Global Value Chain Trade along the Belt and Road and Projects Allocation


WP06/2019 Barbara Annicchiarico, Enrico Marvasi
Protection for Sale with Price Interactions and Incomplete Pass-Through


WP05/2019 Giorgia Giovannetti, Elena Perra
Syria in the Dark: Estimating the Economic Consequences of the Civil War through Satellite-Derived Night-Time Lights


WP04/2019 Elena M. Parilina, Alessandro Tampieri
Marriage Formation with Random or Assortative Meeting


WP03/2019 Pierre M. Picard, Alessandro Tampieri
Trade and Vertical Differentiation


WP02/2019 Juan Manuel Sanchez-Cartas
Intellectual Property and Taxation in Digital Platforms


WP01/2019 Leonardo BARGIGLI
A Model of Market Making with Heterogeneous Speculators



WP31/2018 Paolo BERTOLETTI, Federico ETRO
Monopolistic Competition, As You Like It


WP30/2018 Lilia CAVALLARI, Federico ETRO
Demand, Markups and the Business Cycle


WP29/2018 Maria MARINO, Benedetto ROCCHI, Simone SEVERINI
The Farm Income Problem in the European Union: a Research Framework and a Longitudinal Empirical Evaluation


WP28/2018 Sara BURRONE, Gianna Claudia GIANNELLI
Does Child Labor Lead to Vulnerable Employment in Adulthood? Evidence for Tanzania


WP27/2018 Giulia DE MASI, Giorgio RICCHIUTI
EU FDI Network and Systemic Risks


WP26/2018 Andrea GREPPI, Domenico MENICUCCI
On Bundling and Entry Deterrence


WP25/2018 Federico ETRO
Macroeconomics with Endogenous Markups and Optimal Taxation


WP24/2018 Alessandro BALESTRINO, Lisa GRAZZINI, Annalisa LUPORINI
On the Political Economy of Compulsory Education


WP23/2018 Benedetto ROCCHI, Donato ROMANO, Ahmad SADIDDIN, Gianluca STEFANI
An Assessment of Agro-food Frauds in the Italian Economy: A SAM-based Approach


WP22/2018 Ahmad SADIDDIN, Donato ROMANO, Raffaella ZUCARO, Veronica MANGANIELLO
Frauds in the Italian Agro-Food Sector: An Introduction


WP21/2018 Elena M. PARILINA and Alessandro TAMPIERI
A Prisoners' Dilemma with Incomplete Information on the Discount Factors


WP20/2018 Federico ETRO, Elena STEPANOVA
Power Laws in Art. From Renaissance to Contemporary Art


WP19/2018 Federico ETRO
The Economics of Renaissance Art


WP18/2018 Marco BELLANDI, Monica PLECHERO, Erica SANTINI
Oligarchic place leadership and resistance to change in industrial districts


WP17/2018 Alessandro TAMPIERI,
The Effects of Educational Assortative Matching on Job and Marital Satisfaction


WP16/2018 Kaku Attah DAMOAH, Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Marco SANFILIPPO
Markups Dispersion and Firm Entry: Evidence from Ethiopia


WP15/2018 Ginevra Virginia LOMBARDI, Rossella ATZORI, Stefano BENEDETTELLI,
Organic and conventional agriculture Land Food Footprint and diet nexus:the case study  of Tuscany, Italy


WP14/2018 Gabriele FIORENTINI, Alessandro GALESI, Gabriel PÈREZ-QUIRÒS, Enrique SENTANA
The Rise and Fall of the Natural Interest Rate


WP13/2018 Niccolò BELLANCA, Mauro MALTAGLIATI, Benedetto ROCCHI
Il tempo condiviso in Italia


WP12/2018 Gabriele CAMERA, Alessandro GIOFFRÉ
Beyond Grim: Punishment Norms in the Theory of Cooperation


WP11/2018 Alessandro PETRETTO
Dalla Legge Delega 42/2009 al nuovo centralismo: quali prospettive per il Federalismo fiscale in Italia?


WP10/2018 Ginevra Virginia LOMBARDI, Rossella ATZORI
Agricultural landscape change and land footprint from 1970 to 2010: the case
study of Sardinia, Italy


WP09/2018 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA
Eradicating Poverty by 2030: Implications for Income Inequality, Population Policies, Food Prices (and Faster Growth?)


Preferences for Public Education Spending in Hierarchical Education Systems: Theory  and Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries


WP07/2018 Alessandro TAMPIERI, Elena M. PARILINA
Plenty of Fish in the Sea: Divorce Choice and the Quality of Singles


W06/2018 Gianna Claudia GIANNELLI, Chiara RAPALLINI,
Parental Occupation and Children's School Outcomes in Math


WP05/2018 Stefano COLONNELLO, Giuliano CURATOLA, Alessandro GIOFFRÉ
Pricing Sin Stocks: Ethical Preference vs. Risk Aversion


WP04/2018 Lorenzo CORSINI, Filippo RANDELLI, Benedetto ROCCHI, Stefania GIAMPAOLO
Direct Selling and Alternative Evolutionary Patterns in the Italian Agri-food Systems


WP03/2018 Cristina CIRILLO, Giorgia GIOVANNETTI
The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Households Investments in Productive Assets and Activities:Evidence from the Juntos Programme in Peru


WP02/2018 Filippo RANDELLI, Federico MARTELLOZZO
The impact of rural tourism on land use. The case of Tuscany


WP01/2018 Giulio CIFARELLI, Giovanna PALADINO
Sovereign - bank risk interconnections during the Greek financial crisis and the role of the Italian debt



WP18/2017 Paolo BRUNORI, Paul HUFE, Daniel Gerszon MAHLER,
The Roots of Inequality:Estimating Inequality of Opportunity from Regression Trees


WP17/2017 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Bruno MARTORANO
The dynamics of income inequality in a dualistic economy: Malawi from 1990 to 2011


WP16/2017 Giulio CIFARELLI, Paolo PAESANI
On the difficulty of interpreting market behavior in an uncertain world: the case of oil futures pricing between 2003 and 2016


WP15/2017 Kaku Attah DAMOAH
Markups, Market Imperfections and Trade Openness: Evidence from Ghana


WP14/2017 Lorenzo CEI, Gianluca STEFANI, Edi DEFRANCESCO, Ginevra Virginia LOMBARDI
Geographical Indications: a first assessment of the impact on rural development in Italian NUTS3 regions


WP13/2017 Donato ROMANO, Gianluca STEFANI, Benedetto ROCCHI , Ciro Fiorillo
The impact of assistance on poverty and food security in a protracted conflict context: the case of West Bank and Gaza Strip


WP12/2017 Donato ROMANO, Silvio TRAVERSO,
Disentangling the Effect of International Migration on Household Food and Nutrition Security


WP11/2017 Giulio CIFARELLI, Giovanna PALADINO,
Can the interaction between a single long-term attractor and heterogeneous
trading explain the exchange rate conundrum?


WP10/2017 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA,
Changes in income, education and health inequality over the last 20 years: evidence from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia


WP09/2017 Elias CARRONI, Luca FERRARI, Simone RIGHI
Privacy and Persuasion: are we getting the best deal?


WP08/2017 Marco LE MOGLIE, Letizia MENCARINI, Chiara RAPALLINI
Do Rich Parents Enjoy Children Less?


WP07/2017 Gianna Claudia GIANNELLI, Chiara RAPALLINI
The Intergenerational Transmission of Math Culture


WP06/2017 Luca Ferrari
Endogenous Public Evidence in Committee Persuasion Games and Private Communication

WP05/2017 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Bruno MARTORANO
Building the Integrated Inequality Database and the Seven Sins of Inequality Measurement in Sub-Saharan Africa


WP04/2017 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA
An Econometric Analysis of the Bifurcation of Within-country Inequality Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1990–2011

WP03/2017 Marco BELLANDI, Annalisa CALOFFI
Combining Universities Third Mission and Place-based Industrial Development

Upward and downward bias when measuring inequality of opportunity

WP01/2017 Rossella BARDAZZI, Leonardo GHEZZI
International competitiveness and investment: simulations with a bilateral trade model



WP17/2016 Gianluca SEFANI, Ginevra LOMBARDI, Donato ROMANO,
Grass Root Collective Action for territorially integrated food supply chain: A Case Study from Tuscany


WP16/2016 Daniela CAMPUS, Gianna GIANNELLI
Is the Allocation of Time Gender Sensitive to Food Price Changes? An  Investigation of Hours of Work in Uganda


WP15/2016 Lisa GRAZZINI,
The Importance of the Quality of Education: Some Determinants and its Effects on Earning Returns and Economic Growth


WP14/2016 Enric MARVASI, Giorgia GIOVANNETTI,
Positioning and Internalization in Global Value Chains: The Case of Tuscan Firms


WP13/2016 Elisa Cencig, Laura SABANI,
Voting behaviour in the European Parliament and economic governance reform: does nationality matter?
( Open Economies Review, 2017, 28(5), pp. 967-987. )


WP12/2016 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Antonio SCOGNAMILLO,
Clusters of Least Developed Countries, their evolution between 1993 and 2013, and policies to expand their productive capacity


WP11/2016 Ennio BILANCINI, Leonardo BONCINELLI,
The Evolution of Conventions under Condition-Dependent Mistakes


WP10/2016 Giulio CIFARELLI, Giovanna PALADINO,
The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy on the Sovereign Bank Nexus within and across EU Countries. A Time-Varying Conditional Correlation Analysis


WP09/2016 Nicolò BELLANCA, Benedetto ROCCHI,
Shared and Relational Activities in Rural Commonality: Towards a non-Individualistic Conception of Well-Being


WP08/2016 Nicolò BELLANCA, Benedetto ROCCHI,
Toward a Diachronic Conception of Well-Being: Thoughts from Georgescu-Roegen


WP07/2016 Davide DEL PRETE, Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Enrico MARVASI,
Global Value Chains: New Evidence for North Africa
( International Economics. forthcoming )


WP06/2016  Patricia JUSTINO, Bruno MARTORANO,
Inequality, Distributive Beliefs and Protests: A Recent Story from Latin America


WP05/2016 Silvio TRAVERSO
Heterogeneous Effects of International Migration: Evidences from Bangladesh


WP04/2016 Alessandro CIGNO, Mizuki KOMURA, Annalisa LUPORINI
Self-Enforcing Family Rules, Marriage and the (Non)Neutrality of Public Intervention
( Journal of Population Economics, 2017, 30(3), pp. 805-834. )


WP03/2016 Daniela CAMPUS
Does Land Titling Promote Women's Empowerment? Evidence from Nepal


WP02/2016 Paola BIASI, Benedetto ROCCHI
The Genuine Saving: estimates at the subnational level in Italy


WP01/2016 Leonardo BARGIGLI, Luca RICCETTI, Alberto RUSSO, Mauro GALLEGATI
Network Calibration and Metamodeling of a Financial Accelerator Agent Based Model



WP14/2015 Rossella BARDAZZI, Silvia DURANTI
Atypical Work: a Threat to Labour Productivity Growth? Some Evidence from Italy
( International Review of Applied Economics, 2016, 30(5), pp. 620-643. )


WP13/2015 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Enrico MARVASI, Giorgio RICCHIUTI
The Heterogeneity of Foreign Direct Investors: Linking Affiliates to Parent Productivity


WP12/2015 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Giorgio RICCHIUTI, Margherita VELUCCHI
Survive or Die? A Decade of Tough Competition for Foreign Affiliates
( Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2017, 40, pp. 64-71. )


WP11/2015 Davide DEL PRETE, Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Enrico MARVASI
Participation in Global Value Chains: macro and micro evidence for North Africa
( Review of the World economy, 2017, 153(4), pp 675–701. )


WP10/2015 Alessandro PETRETTO
L'Analisi Economica del Procedimento Amministrativo


WP09/2015 Antonio SCOGNAMILLO
Inequality Indebtedness and Financial Crises


WP08/2015 Lisa GRAZZINI, Alessandro PETRETTO
Spillover Effects in a Federal Country with Vertical Tax  Externalities
( Public Finance Review, 2017, 45(5), pp. 701-720. )


WP07/2015 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Marco SANFILIPPO, Margherita VELUCCHI
Diverse Twins: the Impact of China on Italian and German Manufacturing Exports
( Applied Economics, forthcoming. )


WP06/2015 Gianna Claudia GIANNELLI, Chiara RAPALLINI
Immigrant Student Performance in Math: Does it Matter Where You Come From?
(Economics of Education Review, 2016, 52, pp. 291-304.)


WP05/2015 Fabrizio CIPOLLINI, Camilla FERRETTI, Piero CANUGI, Renato GIANNETTI
Could they grow faster? An explorative and counterfactual exercise of the Firms’ Core during the Golden Age in Italy


WP04/2015 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Enrico MARVASI
Food Exporters in Global Value Chains: Food for Thought
( Food Policy, 2016, 59, pp. 110-125. )


WP03/2015 Roberto IACONO
No Blessing, No Curse? On the Benefits of Being a Resource-rich Southern Region of Italy
(Research in Economics, 2016, 70(2), pp. 346-359.)


WP02/2015 Filippo RANDELLI, Giorgio RICCHIUTI
The Survival of Tuscan Firms


WP01/2015 Leonardo BARGIGLI, Renato GIANNETTI
The Italian Corporate System: SOEs, Private Firms and Institutions in a Network Perspective (1952-1983)
( Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2018, 494, pp. 367-379. )




WP28/2014 Sebastiano NEROZZI, Vito PIPITONE, Giorgio RICCHIUTI,
Social Capital and Firm’s Productivity in Italy: a Multilevel Approach


WP27/2014 Lucia FERRONE, Gianna Claudia GIANNELLI,
Household Migration and Children's Educational Attainment. The case of Uganda


WP26/2014 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA,
Uzbekistan’s Development Strategies: Past Record and Long-term Options


WP25/2014 Federico CIANI, Joseph HUGGARD,Thomas ZERVAS,
The Resilience of Bergamot Farmers in the Reggio Calabria Province of Southern Italy


WP24/2014 Daniela MONACELLI, Maria Grazia PAZIENZA, Chiara RAPALLINI,
Municipality Budget Rules and Debt: is the Italian Regulation Effective?
( Public Budgeting and Finance, 2016, 36(3), pp. 114-140.)  


WP23/2014 Eleonora BERTONI, Giorgio RICCHIUTI,
A Multilevel Analysis of the Unemployment in Egypt
( Labour, 2017, 31(4), pp. 494-514.)


WP22/2014 Giulio CIFARELLI, Giovanna PALADINO,
One size does not fit all. A non-linear analysis of European monetary transmission
( International Review of Economics & Finance, 2016, 45, pp. 247-262.)


WP21/2014 Alessandro PETRETTO,
The Modern Theory of Regulation as an Inheritance of De Viti de Marco’s Cooperative State
( History of Economic Thought and Policy, 2014, 2, pp. 29-47.)


WP20/2014 Marco LE MOGLIE, Letizia MENCARINI, Chiara RAPALLINI,
Is It Just a Matter of Personality? On the Role of Life Satisfaction in Childbearing Behavior
( Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2015, 117, pp. 453-475.)


WP19/2014 Simona DE ROSA, Filippo RANDELLI, Luca SALVATI, )
Beyond the north-south divide. The geography of strategic alliances in Italy
( Romanian Journal of Regional Science, 2016, 10(2), pp. 15-34.) 


WP18/2014 Sudhanshu HANDA, Bruno MARTORANO, Carolyn HALPERN, Audrey PETTIFOR, Harsha THIRUMURTHY,
Time Discounting and Credit Market Access in a Large Scale Cash Transfer Program
( Journal of African Economies, 2016, 25(3), pp. 367-387.)


WP17/2014 Alessandra AMENDOLA, Vincenzo CANDILA, Antonio SCOGNAMILLO,
Does U.S. Monetary Policy Affect Crude Oil Future Price Volatility? An Empirical Investigation
( Empirical Economics, 2017, 52(1), pp. 155-178.)


WP16/2014 Alessandro CARRARO, Giorgio RICCHIUTI,
Heterogeneous Fundamentalists and Market Maker Inventories
( Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 2015, 79, pp. 73-82.)


WP15/2014 Michele GORI, Giorgio RICCHIUTI,
A Dynamic Exchange Rate Model with Heterogeneous Agents
( Journal of Evolutionary Economics, forthcoming)


WP14/2014 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA,
Income inequality in Latin America: Recent Decline and Prospects for its Further Reduction

WP13/2014 Cosma ORSI,
The Political Economy of the Poor: The Rise and Fall of the Workhouse System
( Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 2017, 39(4), pp. 453-481.)


WP12/2014 Vincenzo PATRIZII, Anna PETTINI, Giuliano RESCE,
Efficienza e Qualità della Vita
( Social Indicator Research, 2017, 133(3), pp. 985-1010.)


WP11/2014 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Mauro LANATI,
The Impact of Product Quality on the Pro-Trade Elasticity of Immigrants
( The World Economy, 2017, 40(7), pp. 1345-1380.)


Areeda-Turner in Two-Sided Markets
( Review of Industrial Organization, 2015, 46(3), pp 287-306.)


Structural change and wage inequality in the manufacturing sector: long run evidence from East Asia
( Oxford Development Studies, 2015, 43(2), pp. 212-231.)


WP08/2014 Rossella BARDAZZI, Filippo OROPALLO, Maria Grazia PAZIENZA,
Do manufacturing firms react to energy prices? Evidence from Italy
( Energy Economics, 2015, 49, pp.168-181.)  


WP07/2014 Bruno MARTORANO,
From Volatility to Stabilization: Cyclicality of Fiscal Policy in Latin America over the Last Decades


WP06/2014 Giuliano RESCE,
Eco-Efficienza con Data Envelopment Analysis


WP05/2014 Nicolò BELLANCA,
Vulnerabili e appassionati. Sui fondamenti antropologici della scienza economica
( La società degli individui, 2014, 50, pp. 133-146.)


WP04/2014 Ennio BILANCINI, Leonardo BONCINELLI,
Persuasion with Reference Cues and Elaboration Costs


WP03/2014 Alessandro INNOCENTI, Francesca LORINI, Chiara RAPALLINI,
Ethnic Heterogeneity, Voting Partecipation and Local Economic Growth. The Case of Belgium


WP02/2014 Nicolò BELLANCA,
Compravendita o Donazione di Parti del Corpo Umano? Il Contributo di Alvin  Roth e Dintorni
(Jura Gentium, 2016, 13, pp. 100-115.)


Faithful Strategies: How Religion Shapes Nonprofit Management
( Management Science, forthcoming)




WP31/2013 Niccolò BELLANCA, Stefania INNOCENTI,
Resistance to Change in Recent Italy: Some Elements for a Theoretical Framework


Supply Chains and the Internalization of SMEs: Evidence from Italy
( Small Business Economics, 2015, 44(4), pp 845-865.)


WP29/2013 Gianluca STEFANI, Marco TIBERTI,
Textbook Estimators of Multiperiod Optimal Hedging Ratios: Methodological Aspects and  Application to the European Wheat Market
( European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2016, 43(3), pp. 503-531.)


WP28/2013 Benedetto ROCCHI,
Produzione Agricola e Beni Relazionali
( Rivista di Economia Agraria, 2013, 3, pp.7-25.)


WP27/2013 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Elisa TICCI,
Biofuel Development and Large-Scale Land Deals in Sub-Saharan Africa
( Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2016, 54, pp. 678-687.)  


WP26/2013 Leonardo BARGIGLI, Giovanni DI IASIO, Luigi INFANTE, Fabrizio LILLO, Federico PIEROBON,
The Multiplex Structure of Interbank Networks
( Quantitative Finance, 2015, 15(4) pp. 673-691.)


WP25/2013 Leonardo BARGIGLI,
Statistical Equilibrium Models for Sparse Economic Networks
( Journal of Statistical Physics, 2014, 155(4), pp 810-825.)


WP24/2013 Gianluca STEFANI, Donato ROMANO,
Modelli di Trasmissione del Prezzo nei Mercati della Filiera del Grano Duro


WP23/2013 Leonardo BARGIGLI, Andrea LIONETTO, Stefano VIAGGIU,
A Statistical Equilibrium Representation of Markets as Complex Networks
( Journal of Statistical Physics, 2016, 165(2), pp. 351-370.)


WP22/2013 Alessandro PETRETTO,
L’Analisi Economica del Diritto in Recenti Sentenze della Corte Costituzionale sulle Controversie Stato-Regioni


WP21/2013 Lorenzo CORSINI,
A Comparative Analysis on the Relationship between Benefits Generosity, Search Requirements and Unemployment Duration


WP20/2013 Silvia MARCHESI, Laura SABANI,
Does it Take two to Tango? Improving Cooperation between the IMF and the World Bank: Theory and Empirical Evidence


WP19/2013 Lisa GRAZZINI, Alessandro PETRETTO,
Health and Education: Challenges and Financial Constraints
( Italian Antitrust Review, 2014, 1(2), pp. 91-116.)


W18/2013 Alessandro BALESTRINO, Lisa GRAZZINI, Annalisa LUPORINI,
A Normative Justification of Compulsory Education
( Journal of Population Economics, 2017, 30(2), PP. 537-567.)


Sulle Possibili Strategie di Uscita dalla Crisi
( Jura Gentium, 2013, 10(2).)


WP16/2013 Nicolò BELLANCA, Hervé BARON,
Il Problema del Tempo Libero nell'Ambito della Civiltà del Capitale 
( in Pettini A. e Ventura A. (a cura di), Quale crescita. La teoria economica alla prova della crisi, l’Asino d’Oro Edizioni, Roma, 2014, pp. 138-162.)


WP15/2013 Alessandro CIGNO, Annalisa LUPORINI,
Student Loans and the Allocation of Graduate Jobs


WP14/2013 Filippo RANDELLI,
The Role of Consumers in the Transition Towards Sustainability. The Case of Food Supply
( International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics, 2015, 3(4), pp. 15-26.)


WP13/2013 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Bruno MARTORANO,
Development Policies and Income Inequality in Selected Developing Regions, 1980-2010


WP12/2013 Nicolò BELLANCA, Giancarlo PICHILLO,
Identitarian Passions: The Overwhelming Power of the  Human Recognition Need
( International Review of Economics, 2014, 61(1), pp. 13-38.)


WP11/2013 Enrico MARVASI,
Protection for Sale, Monopolistic Competition and Variable Markups


WP10/2013 Nicolò BELLANCA, Stefania INNOCENTI,
Not-dividing the Indivisible: Formation of the sacred and antagonistic conflicts  
(in Bellanca N., From Homo Oeconomicus to Homo Symbolicus, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, 2014,pp. 39-62.)


WP09/2013 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Elisa TICCI,
Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Drivers and the Challenge of the Land-Energy Nexus
(QA-Rivista dell'Associazione Rossi Doria, 2013, 2, pp. 57-86.)


WP08/2013 Nicolò BELLANCA, Mario BIGGERI,
Capabilities and Human Dilemmas: How to Cope with Incompleteness


Nonprofits are not alike: The Role of Catholic and Protestant Affiliation


WP06/2013 Nicolò BELLANCA,
For a Theory of Social Enterprise and Social Finance 


Market Definition in Two-Sided Markets: Theory and Practice
( Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2014, 10(2), pp. 293-339.)


WP04/2013 Giulio CIFARELLI, Paolo PAESANI,
Speculative Cotton Pricing in the 1920s. A Nonlinear Tale of Noise Traders and Fundamentalists
( Cliometrica, 2016, 10(1), pp. 31-54.)


WP03/2013 Ahmad NAIMZADA, Giorgio RICCHIUTI,
Complexity with Heterogeneous Fundamentalists and a Multiplicative Price Mechanism
( Economic Notes, 2014, 43(3), pp. 233-247.)


China's Competition and the Export Price Strategies of Developed Countries
( International Review of Applied Economics, 2016, 30(2), pp. 238-254.


WP01/2013 Lisa GRAZZINI, Alessandro PETRETTO,
Federalism with Bicameralism
( German Economic Review, 2015, 16(2), pp.138-160. )




WP28/2012 Nicolò BELLANCA,
Per un'Interpretazione del Dualismo Italiano: Complementarità Istituzionale o Isteresi Congiunturale?
( Rivista Economica del Mezzogiorno, 2012, 26(4), pp. 923-948.)


WP27/2012 Giuseppe COCO, David DE MEZA, Giuseppe PIGNATARO, Francesco REITO,
Take the Money and Run: Making Profits by Paying Borrowers to Stay Home


WP26/2012 Vittorio Emanuele FERRANTE,
Cooperation and Endogenous Identity


WP25/2012 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA,
The New Structuralist Macroeconomics and Income Inequality
( in Cornia G.A. and F. Stewart (Eds), Towards Human Development: New Approaches to Macroeconomics and Inequality, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014, ch. 9.)


WP24/2012 Sara BONFANTI, Madelene NORDLUNG,
Does ‘Swedish For Immigrants' (SFI) Matter? A Longitudinal Assessment of the Impact of SFI on Migrants' Position in the Swedish Labour Market.


WP23/2012 Bruno MARTORANO, Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Frances STEWART,
Human Development and Fiscal Policy: Comparing the Crises of 1982-85 and 2008-11
(in Cornia G.A. and F. Stewart (Eds), Towards Human Development: New Approaches to Macroeconomics and Inequality, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014, ch. 11.)


WP22/2012 Elisa TICCI and Javier ESCOBAL,
Extractive Industries and Local Development in the Peruvian Highlands
( Environment and Development Economics, 2015, 20(1), pp. 101-126. )


WP21/2012 Matteo ARIA, Nicolò BELLANCA,
The Four Figures of Gift: kula, potlatch, dan e hau
(in Bellanca N., From Homo Oeconomicus to Homo Symbolicus, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, 2014, pp. 63-85.)


WP20/2012 Matteo ARIA, Nicolò BELLANCA,
The Polytheistic Condition: Incomparable Assets and Special Currency
(in Bellanca N., From Homo Oeconomicus to Homo Symbolicus, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, 2014, pp. 11-38.)


WP19/2012 Benedetto ROCCHI, Donato ROMANO, Raid HAMZA,
Agriculture Reform and Food Crisis in Syria: Impacts on Poverty and Inequality
(Food Policy, 2013, 43, pp. 190-203.)


WP18/2012 Gianluca STEFANI, Benedetto ROCCHI, Donato ROMANO,
Does Agriculture Matter? Revisiting the Farm Income Problem in Italy


WP17/2012 Mauro LOMBARDI, Filippo RANDELLI,
The Role of Leading Firms in the Evolution of SMEs Clusters: Evidence from the Leather Products Cluster in Florence
( European Planning Studies, 2014, 22(6), pp. 1199-1211.)


WP16/2012 Lapo FILISTRUCCHI, Fatih Cemil OZBUGDAY,
Mandatory Quality Disclosure and Quality Supply: Evidence from German Hospitals


WP15/2012 Pauline AFFELDT, Lapo FILISTRUCCHI, Tobias J. KLEIN,
Upward Pricing Pressure in Two-Sided Markets
(The Economic Journal, 2013, 123(572), pp. 505-523.)


WP14/2012 Angelo ANTOCI, Marcello GALEOTTI, Paolo RUSSU,
Global Analysis and Indeterminacy in a Two-sector Growth Model with Human Capital
( International Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, 10(4), pp. 313-338.)


WP13/2012 Alessandro PETRETTO,
Costituzionalizzazione dell'Equilibrio di Bilancio, Stabilità e Crescita Economica
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